Is Virtual Personal Styling right for me?

My Virtual Personal Styling service is for you if:

  • You are open to expert guidance and opinions when it comes to finding your unique personal style, and want a real gameplan to create a wardrobe you love.
  • You’re NOT solely a bargain shopper. While I can work with a variety of budgets, it’s too time consuming to work with clients who are only interested in purchasing from sales, thrift stores, or auction sites.
  • You’re ready and have time in your schedule to shop within the next month. If you’re looking to schedule my styling services in the next 3-6 months, please apply then.
How does your Virtual Styling service work?

The service is available in one time and subscription options. Monthly subscriptions require a three (3) month commitment. I will be your guide through your 4 phase style transformation which includes:

Body type & lifestyle analysis

Style Development & Wardrobe Shopping

Outfit Ideas & Ongoing Style Support

Personalized grooming recommendations

Can’t I use a subscription box, read some style magazines, or learn by watching free videos from an ‘influencer’?

My service is geared towards women and men who are interested in getting the best, bespoke results, not just free advice.

Clients hire me because subscription boxes do not meet their needs. These are often dictated by computerized algorithims. Style magazines and influencers’ free advice great tools but are often dictated by their ad buyers and sponsors. They also lack a systematic and customized approach to solve your unique challenges.

You can contact me for a consultation call and we can discuss if this service makes sense for you. 

Do your fees include the cost of clothes?

No. The cost of clothes are separate.

Can I gift your services?


It’s important that my clients truly want help in changing their style for themselves. 

People often come to me with the best intentions in hiring me for a friend or family member, but you have to see it from their point of view. 

Imagine being gifted with a “surprise Personal Trainer and Nutritionist” so you can get into shape. Now imagine you have no desire in getting in shape right now. I imagine that would not feel very empowering.

Past clients who were gifted my services all had something in common: they were those who had a strong, honest desire to improve their style.

Believe me, I would love your money, but even with my wealth of expertise, I cannot make someone look good who has no desire to change. 

So my recommendation to all those looking to gift my services: please ask your gift receiver if this is something they would be interested in. 

If they say yes, awesome! Feel free to contact me for additional details.

How much should I budget for clothes?

It depends because every clients wardrobe needs are different. 

I’ve refined the ability to build amazing wardrobes with a variety of budgets.

I don’t create wardrobes that are filled with expensive designer clothes for the sake of making It feel luxurious. I shop for my clients the way that I shop — with a mixture of brands and price points.

If you’re looking to finally get that dream leather jacket, great! We’ll go all out on that! Don’t care about fancy white t-shirts? No problem, we can get them from Target for $10 or less (which are what I wear, btw!)

One thing I remind my clients is to consider the cost they’ve paid over the years picking the wrong clothes. 

How much have you spent on clothes that don’t look good on you? 

How much have you wasted on clothes that stay hanging in your closet because you’re not sure what to wear with it?

What about the opportunities you’ve lost because you decided not to go to that event or date because you had “nothing nice to wear”? 

All my clients leave with an understanding that building the right wardrobe that you love wearing, one that makes you look and feel amazing, is a worthwhile investment. 

If you want a more specific number for your wardrobe, book a call and I can give you a better estimate based on your needs!

I’m currently in the process of getting in better shape, should I wait until I hit my goal weight?

Like your fitness journey, the best time to improve your style was yesterday. 

The second best time to start is now. So I recommend you don’t wait. 

There’s no better feeling than slipping into a size you never thought you could ever fit into, or getting compliments from your friends, family, and strangers! 

I’ve worked with a handful of clients that are on the road to have achieving amazing body transformations, and have developed specific strategies to help celebrate hitting fitness milestones with their wardrobe.

Where do I sign up?

If you are ready discover your personal style, feel more confident, and look better than you’ve ever looked, complete my style profile questionnaire. It will help me get to know you a bit and understand your challenges. I will then contact you directly with the next steps!